Latest scams

Dealing with HMRC phishing and tax scams

As a number of important tax deadlines loom large, the first quarter of any new year spurns an increase in fraudulent tax phishing emails, appearing to come from HMRC. Scammers love to use key tax deadlines against busy and distracted taxpayers to trick them into disclosing their personal information and bank details. Here are some  Read ▶

Beware of fake Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets

  The National Trading Standards eCrime Team have joined the Metropolitan Police in warning people to beware of scammers selling counterfeit Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets online. You may also see the Rugby World Cup 2015 referred to as “the Tournament”. Members of the public buying tickets and organisations who intend to offer corporate entertainment  Read ▶

Copycat web site infographic

Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: National Trading Standards eCrime Team

Protect yourself against new malware threat

Cyber criminals are constantly devising new types of malware to commit financial theft, fraud, identity theft and other crimes against ordinary people. The proceeds of their crime are also used to fund further organised crime. This latest threat is particularly insidious as it uses two different types of malware to infect your computer in order  Read ▶

Don’t get caught in the “in-app purchase trap”

Happy Christmas from all at the National Trading Standards eCrime Team. Here is a little something to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises on your phone bill or bank statement after the holidays.  

When search doesn’t give the best results

Trading Standards are warning consumers about unsavoury internet firms who are intercepting them when they search for official government services online. Every day consumers are duped into paying premium prices for services they can often get free or at much lower cost from local authority, NHS or websites. These firms analyse search traffic for those  Read ▶

Learner drivers taken for a ride

Learner drivers are being taken for ride by copy-cat web sites offering them early driving tests for fees of up to £150 at time. Whilst some of these sites look like offical government or Driving Standards Agency (DSA) sites, they often charge premium fees  for booking theory and practical tests, you can get at much reduced rates  Read ▶

Fake classified jobs ads

If you are looking for work please be aware of a fake classified job ad scam that has been operating in England and Wales  for nearly 16 months. Economically pressured job seekers are falling foul of a fake job ad scam being run on classified websites throughout the UK. Cruel scammers are taking advantage of  Read ▶

Minature phones pose a threat

Illegal minature phones pose a threat to public Illegal miniature mobile phones resembling car key fobs are being sold online and may be dangerous to people who use them. These phones have recently come to the attention of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, National Trading Standards e-Crime Centre and other law enforcement partners. It’s thought  Read ▶