Online scams and rip-offs are the fastest growing threats to consumers and businesses in the UK. So having an efficient intelligence function is  essential for protecting consumers and strengthening businesses so they can trade safely online.

We work closely with a team of intelligence specialists who collect, and analyse intelligence in order to identify key threats and scams.

The NTSeCT uses a robust methodology to provide an intelligence led focus for  its own national investigations and supports local and regional Trading Standards officers with their online investigations.

We also work closely with other law enforcement agencies to share and disseminate useful intelligence in the fight against e-crime.

Enforcing e-crime is about successfully prioritising and managing online consumer protection. It aims to create a safer online trading environment for both consumers and businesses and to reduce consumer detriment (the money or products that consumers and businesses lose to criminals and rogue traders online).

This involves identifying and limiting the activities of criminals and rogue traders who have moved online to exploit the economies of scale and speedof  the internet, to make money at the expense of consumers and businesses.

As such intelligence lies at the heart of the National Trading Standard eCrime Team’s strategic and operational planning processes. And it also takes into account central and local government objectives, as well as the ensuring we provide value for money.