E-crime is not only a specialist area but it’s a rapidally devloping one, so specialist training is essential for increasing Trading Standard’s capacity to tackle e-crime as well as building longer term resilience within the profession to e-crime generally.

The National Trading Standards eCrime Team in conjunction with the National Trading Standards Board have commissioned specialist eCrime training. Training is an essential part of capacity building within the National Intelligence Model.

The One Day Basic Internet Investigation Course has been filmed and is in post production and will be available online around mid February 2014. Further specialist modular e-crime courses are in the pipeline for delivery later in 2014.
The first two courses are:

One Day Basic Internet Investigation Course

Course objectives
1. help you to understand the basics of:
– the internet
– world wide web
2. help you understand the need for special procedures when dealing with digital evidence

3. Build confidence by:
– giving you hands on experience
– show you the correct way to approach internet investigations
– show you the correct ways to preserve and present digital evidence in court


Session 1
– how computers connect to each other
– how computers connect to the internet
– Domain names and ip addresses

Session 2
– difference between www & internet
– how web pages work and web browsers work
– where do web pages come from
– static and dynamic ip addresses

Session 3
– interpreting html
– hyperlinks and evidence
– understanding cookies
– web cache/temp internet files
– images, image properties and meta data
– log files

Session 4
– capturing web pages
– screen capture
– tracing ip addresses

Session 5
– email headers
– presenting email evidence in court
– web based email

Session 6
– saving and storing web pages

Details of the second course – Intermediate Internet Investigations will be available soon.