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A third of parents feel out of control of kids’ online gaming

Image supplied by Rebecca Pollard via Flickr

More than a third (37%) of parents feel as if they have no control over their children playing online games. In addition, more than half (51%) worry about their safety when it comes to gaming online.

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  • Nine in ten (91%) parents say their kids game online
  • Half of parents (51%) worry about their child’s safety
  • two in ten (16%) say their kids have been bullied or abused online
  • Get Safe Online helping parents to get ‘Switched On’

This summer holiday, a significant number of children will be picking up their tablets and consoles to embark on a six week marathon of online gaming. According to a survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 5 – 18, nine in ten (91%) parents say their children play games online. While the majority of parents say they limit the amount of time their children spend online gaming, a third (34%) admit that their child plays at least once a day.

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