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Fake classified jobs ads

If you are looking for work please be aware of a fake classified job ad scam that has been operating in England and Wales for nearly 16 months.

Economically pressured job seekers are falling foul of a fake job ad scam being run on classified websites throughout the UK. Cruel scammers are taking advantage of jobseekers, who are desperately seeking work in the current economic climate.

The scammers have placed an advert asking applicants to send in their CV for the job vacancy. The applicant is then sent an email asking for an up front £60 fee. The applicant is told that the fee is to cover the cost of a CRB check. The email gives the applicant the addresses of the warehouse where the induction course is to take place.

However, when the applicant goes to the address given in the email, it turns out to be a private residence, not connected with the scam, and they find out the job never existed in the first place.

Always research a potential employer as thoroughly as possible on line before applying for any job, and most reputable employers will never ask you for money upfront for any security checks.