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Safer Internet Day 2020

Are young people free to be themselves online?

Research finds that being online is both liberating and limiting for you children

New research from the UK Safer Internet Centre reveals young people’s online experiences are an essential part of who they are offline, with 38% saying it’s easier to be themselves online than offline

- The internet is creating an informed and inspired generation that is taking action

- But some feel pressure to shape their online identity for others – 62% are careful about what they share because they’ve seen people be mean

- Certain groups are being targeted with identity-based hate

- UKSIC call on people to start conversations with young people about online identity

- Research released by the UK Safer Internet Centre, official co-ordinators of Safer Internet Day, as part of this year’s campaign with over 1600 organisations coming together to support the day

The research marks Safer Internet Day, which will see millions of young people, schools, and organisations across the UK explore online safety and the theme of ‘free to be me’.

It comes as over 1,600 supporters in the UK, including schools, charities, police services, industry bodies, businesses, Government ministers, Premier League football clubs and celebrities such as Natasha Devon, Georgie Barrat, Jeremy Gilley and James McVey, join young people to ignite conversations and host events that promote the safe, responsible and positive use of technology.....