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Scammers target Facebook users with ‘dislike’ button scam

Scammers have capitalised on Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement that Facebook have been working on a ‘dislike’ button. Not long after his announcement, links and apps offering the fake ‘dislike’ button began spreading across the world’s most popular social media platform.

Facebook does not have an official ‘dislike’ button, any app, profile or website offering one is a scam.

If you see posts saying you have been chosen by Facebook to test its ‘new’ button they are also scams. Don’t click any of these links.

Anyone tempted to install the new button will end up on an external website which could put them at risk of installing a malicious app. They also end up spreading the scam to family and friends, and any groups they are in.

Facebook are likely rollout any form of ‘dislike’ facility automatically, users won’t be required to install it.

It’s easy to be taken in by convincing and alluring social media scams, but being sceptical and only clicking on links from reputable sources should keep you safe most of the time.